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Scott 2013 Carbon Experts



Mountain Bike Outside the reception you will find an information board with all the tour profiles and maps. We do 2 to 4 levels daily (including Saturdays and Sundays).

Each guest can then choose, on the eve of the tour, the tour that best suits him to meters of elevation, kilometers and difficulty. The different levels meet up with each other most afternoons for a swim in a beautiful bay.

So, if one chooses a different level to ones partner/colleague you are not separated all day, you will meet each other later on the tour, so will still enjoy a nice day together.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Beginners Level

300 – 600m elevation / 28 – 36 km

Easy mountain bike tours. Cycling is on paths and dirt roads. In order to avoid difficult terrain we sometimes use paved roads.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Green Level

500 – 1000m elevation / 35-45 km

Medium mountain bike tours. Cycling is on gravel roads and gravel paths, sometimes on challenging gravel roads. Short single trail sections may be present. You can get off the bike to push it at anytime.

You bike in your spare time, have a good level of fitness and a solid cycling technique.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Blue Level

1000 – 1400m elevation / 50 – 65 km

Challenging tours for sport bikers. We cycle on dirt roads, but also on coarse gravelly slopes, and many single trails, which can be interspersed with large steps.

You are well trained, have a good to very good condition and handle the bike well.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Black Level

1500 - 2000m elevation / 60 – 90 km

For marathon bikers. As Level 3, we also go on demanding single trails and gravel roads. We offer this level by request and possibility.

You train a lot and want to do as many meters of elevation and kilometers as possible.