Our guide team warmly welcomes you and they organize eventful vacation days. They will be glad to offer an all around service for mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Joschi "the local"

"Today is the most beautiful day" according to this motto, Joschi's guests are always greeted. He charmingly seduces everyone into cycling. Be it on thick and thin tires.

Simona "the laugh from Davos"

The teacher from Davos who fell in love with the island of Crete. The enthusiasm of the beautiful island brings it to the bikers who want to have it enjoyable and cozy with us.

Benny "the ex downhill racer from Winthertur"

"With him, the screws just turn when you look at them" And with the trained bicycle mechanic it really rocks on our crisp trails, there are a few stones flying.

Jan "the big one from Berlin"

"Riding is Living" according to this motto Jan also thrilled our guests. As an all-rounder, he is with you everywhere. And Crete has also been part of Jan's second home for a decade.

Steff All-rounder "the up & downhill tiger, trail builder and mechanic

With Steff, Barbara's brother, you can reach the highest peaks and they are also high on Crete. And if Steff is not on the bike - then with a pimple, saw, shovel and spade. "Swiss hand made trails on Crete"

Mathia, "our young, likeable man from western Switzerland"

Mathia feels just as at home in the field as on the street. Of course, as a former racer, he manages every tricky edge with "saddle up ...! With his calm, pleasant manner, he quickly won the sympathy of the guests. What a charm!