Season: 7th of April till end of November


Guided mountain bike tours of various levels from Bike Station / Trail Centre Vathi.
You can take part in our weekly programme on individual days. (Tour programme can be changed/adapted depending on guest level and weather).
Guided road bike tours on request.
Registration/Information Mobile Wahtsapp 0041 76 455 01 12 or

The tours in Crete's most beautiful mountain and coastal landscape include:

  • Guided tour with an experienced tour guide
  • Standard bike
    (for level blue and level black tours an upgrade to a trail bike (middle class, upper class, carbon class is recommended)
  • Bus transfer to the start and end points
  • Tour & bike service
  • Final cleaning


ISTRON Green Level: Moderate climb on gravel road in the pine forests with a wonderful panorama. Pleasure trip to Prina to the rustic Crete taverna. Another short climb and longer, wonderful descents with a few easy trails S0 back to the impressive Istron coast and to the station.
Depending on the guest level 20–28km 450–70m altitude €75

ISTRON Blue Level: Trails and slopes in hilly terrain S2 lead to Pirgos. Longer, varied climbs in pine forests, great panoramic views, lots of fun trail descents S2-S3 to Prina. Lunch stop in a rustic Crete taverna. Cool trail descent through the “Felsental” S3 to the coast and back to the station.
Blue Level 37km 930hm €80

ISTRON Black Level plus challenging trail loop 45km 1290hm €85


KAVOUSI Green Level: Transfer to Pachia Amos. Mostly flat tour through olive groves to the impressive Cha Canyon and to Kavousi to the oldest olive tree. Cretan lunch stop at the village square. In the afternoon we follow the coast along agricultural paths to Milatos Beach. Back to Pachia Amos without any major climbs.
35km 420m altitude €80

TRIPTI Blue Level and Black Level: Transfer to Pachia Amos. Long but wonderful serpentine climb into the Cretan “high mountains” to Tripti. Some interesting trails S3 before a lunch stop on the high plateau. Then two variants: Megatrail, long and crispS4. Or simple trail S2-S3 in pine forests and over gravel roads.
39km 1080m altitude €85

TRIPTI Black Level with Megatrail 38km 1060m
TRIPTI Black Level with pine forest trail loop and Megatrail 47km 1460m €95


KRITZA Green Level: Lonely dust/gravel roads, always accompanied by wonderful panoramic views, lead us to the picturesque mountain village of Kritza. Fine food at “Aris” and a visit to many old olive wood and leather works. Small trail S0 to the Agia Panagia church from the 13th century. Back on lovely gravel dust paths.
29km 460 m altitude €75

KROUSTA Blue Level and Black Level The idyllic climb up to 600 m to the old stone church already includes two fun trail routes S2 through beautiful pine forests and olive groves. After a short rest, we cross wild sheep territory, a mini portage passage and reach the mountain village of Krousta. Best food in village taverna. Then the Krousta Trail S1-S2-S3 almost down to the coast. A beautiful, varied traverse, peppered with small trailsS1-S2lead us back to the bike station
27km 790hm €80

KROUSTA Black Level plus trail loop 31km 950m €80


LIMNES Green Level: Transfer to Limnes. Velvety gentle climb and beautiful labyrinth-like flow trails to the shady water source. Short climb to Vrysses. Departure over small dusty roads to the old village of Choumeriakos and again flow trails S0 to the culinary lunch stop. Back same as the other group.
19km 380hm €80

LIMNES Blue Level: Transfer to Limnes. Crisp climb, slightly ragged trail S3 in a lonely valley. Labyrinth-like flow trails S1 in the olive groves to a shady water source. Climb to the mountain village of Vrysses and a very beautiful, gentle trail in a deciduous forest S2 for a culinary lunch stop. The narrow, winding streets in the historic village take you to the bus. If you want, you can roll back to the hotel on the Oldraod.
21km 600m altitude €85


ELOUNDA Green Level: Transfer to Elounda. Short meadow trail S0 and gravel roads/side roads with small climbs to the traditional Pano Elounda. Old house walls, churches and alleys can be admired. With a panoramic road to the rustic mountain village of Pines. Magnificent view over the bay with the impressive island landscape, Spinalonga & Kalydon (leprosy island). Departure to the fishing village of Plaka. Another close-up view of the Leprosy Island, possibly a coffee stop. Coastal trip to the Spinalonga peninsula. The goal is a photogenic viewing platform with a stone church. Then fish taverna “Kanali”! A dream for fish lovers. Back to the starting point. If you want, you can drive back to the hotel via Agios Nikolaos.
24km 410hm €80

ISTRONIA Blue Level: Crisp trail S2 right at the start to the picturesque Istro bays. Moderate, beautiful climbs with views of the south side of the island at 800m. This is followed by the ISTRONIA Trail.S3 A trail joy in itself!
32km 850m (very demanding trail can be avoided) €80

ISTRONIA Black Level with longer coastal trail loop
37km 950m €80


VOULISMA Green Level: easy paths to a great viewpoint high above Voulisma Bay. Twice short trail sections S0 to an old quarry. Another short climb and slight gravel descent to Voulisma Beach. Lunch stop and swimming opportunity on the fine sandy beach. Along the coast back to the station.
24km 560hm €75

MESSELERI Blue Level The “SILLAS” Trail S2 takes us to the coast. Panoramic climbs into the mountains. Nature trails S2-S3 to Messeleri. Lunch stop. Another medium climb to an impressive viewpoint. Then follows the “OBELIX” trail S2-S3-S4, short climb and the “THYMIAN” trail S2 to the coast. Slightly uphill back to the station.
35km 1010hm €80

MESSELERI with Sillas, Black Forest, Obelix & Thymian Trail Level Black
44km 1390hm €85


SISSI Green Level: Same start, same lunch stop and same destination. But easier shorter climbs. You can ride more difficult trails and you can also enjoy the velvety flow trails S1 in the beautiful forest area of Neapoli - Sissi.
33km 920m altitude €85

SISSI Blue Level: Bus transfer to Neapoli. Start through the narrow streets and fun flow trails S1 through the backyards and gardens of the old villages. Short climb, then some interesting trails through wild shepherd pampas to the north coast to Milatos S2-S3. Along the beach to Sissi. Lunch stop with the opportunity to swim on the palm-lined river. Longer climb with cool S2 trails up the hills of Neapoli. Flowing trail S2 through laurel and chestnut forests to the finish in Neapoli.
35km 950m in altitude €90

SISSI Black Level 37km 1020m €90

Transfer/Taxi Service

to the trail center in Vathi with pickup from the hotel and back to the hotel in Agios Nikolaos region €15, Elounda €20, Plaka €25 each way

  • Middle class
  • €14
  • Additional charge per day
  • Upper class
  • €22
  • Additional charge per day
  • Carbon class
  • €35
  • Additional charge per day
  • E-Bike Fully
  • €35 E-Genius
  • €45 E-Ride Strike
  • Additional charge per day

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