Cancellation Insurance

with cancellation insurance:

We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance. If you do not have travel cancellation insurance yet, here is the option:

- For Swiss guests:

- For EU guests:

Our general terms and conditions: without cancellation insurance:

If you cancel up to 60 days before the start of the trip, 30% of the travel amount will be waived. If you cancel after 40 days, 15% of the travel amount will be waived. In the event of cancellation in the last week before the agreed arrival, early departure or "no show", 10% of the travel amount will be waived.

Exception: For cancellations ZB. In the event of pandemics and other "force majeure" events that prevent entry to Crete that are not covered by travel insurance, rebooking is possible at any time free of charge. In the event of complete cancellation, a processing fee of 30 euros per person will be charged.